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You are not alone against the financial difficulties of your company.

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Is your company facing financial difficulties? There are options. Consider a conciliation proposal or commercial bankruptcy.

The qualified and experienced team at Labelle Marquis Inc. will provide an informed diagnosis of your company's issues. They will offer prudent advice on solutions within your reach while considering potential consequences for shareholders, administrators, employees, and other stakeholders.

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  • You've done everything you could, but now you've exhausted your resources.
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Corporate Debt Restructuring

Commercial and Financial Reorganization

A corporate debt restructuring proposal offers a company with financial difficulties an alternative to bankruptcy. It proposes a financial reorganization, reducing the amount of debt or spreading out repayments. This process aims to revitalize operations, restructure finances, and ensure economic sustainability, providing an opportunity for recovery before reaching the point of no return.

The corporate debt restructuring proposal allows your company to continue its activities despite financial difficulties.

The company, but not at any cost.

Commercial Bankruptcy

In cases of financial difficulties, a company can quickly face commercial bankruptcy, highlighting the importance of promptly consulting a qualified advisor. The advisor assesses the reasons for the difficulties and proposes the best solution. To seek protection under bankruptcy law, the company must work with a licensed insolvency trustee, thereby ceasing its operations and any creditor pursuits. Commercial bankruptcy, as a last resort, cancels seizures and prevents further legal actions.

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